Four Pillars

The women and men that are the Building Trades are known across the industry as the safest, most skilled and best trained. Our local unions are able to mobilize a large workforce, quickly, to meet the demands of the industry. Building Trades affiliates have set the bar on best practices to recruit and retain underrepresented groups to join our ranks and meet the needs of our employers. Through working together, Canada’s Building Trades Unions have been able to ensure our members can join and maintain a place in the middle-class.

This year’s Canadian Conference comes at a time where we need to look ahead, to create a strong foundation in order to build for our future. This includes assessing our strengths and weaknesses and developing a strategic plan to move forward; identifying how we can effectively work together to achieve collective goals. That’s why, this year’s conference will focus on four building blocks as identified at our Fall Policy Session: Government Relations, Workforce Development, Capital Strategies, and Communications. From the goals identified at this session, we will hear from elected officials, industry experts and leaders of our industry on tangible ways we can ensure Canada’s Building Trades Unions harness the power of solidarity to build a stronger workforce, to build a stronger middle class and to build for our future.

Lobbying has always been an important activity of our Conference. However, with the dynamic agenda, and based upon delegate feedback, we will be holding the CBTU Lobby Day separately, information to follow. We encourage delegates attending this conference to arrange their own meetings with their local MPs while in Ottawa.